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Why Does Your Salad Need Mayo?

Or sugar? Or a handful of salt? This simple salad is creamy from the avocado and olive oil, sweet from the tomatoes, and flavorful from the spices and lemon juice. This is the taste of fresh vegetables, a real salad! Ingredients Cherry tomatoes Avocado Red onion Mushrooms Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) Olive oil Lemon juice Nutritional … Continue reading

Allergy Relief

Honey, ginger, and lemon juice. It’s like my new morning coffee since I’ve given up caffeine, AND it combats my allergy symptoms.

Amazon Woman

A great family I went to for Shabbos asked if I had ever had a young coconut. I hadn’t because I don’t like coconuts but something about “young Thai coconut” made me want to crack one open and give it a try. I picked one up at the grocer and took it home, completely puzzled how to open it. A few google searches later, … Continue reading

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